WE ARE ATA Technologies!

We empower future with technology .

Who We Are?

ATA is a software company that build IT based software applications for all platforms (web, mobile, etc...) and also introduce IT solutions for all kind of business and in various industrial domains, ATA leverage the cutting-edge technologies to make the best experiences for its customers, it is one of the first companies in Turkey that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions for many industries like retail, health and education, here in ATA technologies we focus on eliminating the client's business inefficiencies through technology.

Our Values

they are really in the DNA of our organization. They represent the way we behave towards each other, our colleagues and our customers, and drive our approach to work and business. They underpin the entire employee lifecycle and are a core part of both our recruitment process as well as employee development and growth.


we back you up

What’s in it for you, you ask? Everything! One of the first things you have to know about us, is that you can feel safe with us. We’re partners working together towards the same goal. You don’t have to know everything about software development or UX design. That’s our role and you can trust us to deliver.


we are ready for a change

change in our DNA. There’s no such thing as a fixed scope for us, and we know that in business, everything is constantly changing. You can bring ideas to the table at every stage of the development process and you will meet with nothing but support. Thanks to this approach you can rapidly respond to customer needs and market changes.


our products offer equally great design and technology

we are able to deliver digital products of outstanding quality, even in a constantly changing environment. Our services go far beyond building apps: we also have your back during the development process, and we share our knowledge with you. We’re working together on a mutual objective- to meet your goals.

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