Who We Are?

ATA Technologies is a software company that build IT based software applications for all platforms (web, mobile, etc...) and also introude IT solutions for all kind of business and in various industrial domains, ATA Technologies leverage the cutting-edge technolgies to make the best experinces for its customers, it is one of the first companies in Turkey that uses machine learning and artifical intelligence solutions for many industries like retail, health and education, here in ATA technolgies we foucs on eliminating the client's business ineffeciencies through technology.

So What We Do Exactly?

We’re a full-stack firm that can help you from strategy to launch, and anywhere in between. We transform your business into brand identity, website or mobile app, and also manage your company resources with our intelligent services to get the best profits of your business.

Let's Take Care Of Your Business

we have a dedicated team who devoted all its experience to take care of your business, working with us is as safety as it is comfortable. Your concerns and requirements are our priority.

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